Tuesday, October 10

Pizza Toasts

When I was working in a little Indian shop back in UK, I learnt how quickly you can create a fantastic snack that resembles a pizza. The little pizzas in the shop were not so nice but using once's own imagination, you can come up with something really tasty.
Now, who would ever say 'no' to a pizza? And having it for breakfast on those chilly October mornings is great!
I chose big round slices of white bread (which normally just waits to be dried for breadcrumbs), drizzled a tiny bit of olive oil onto it and fried it nearly dry in a pan. At the same time, the oven was on high. I spread a spoonful of 100 %pure tomato sauce on the bread , sprinkled mixed herbs, laid torn ham, mozzarella, smoked cheese and baked it in the oven for 5 min. In the meantime, I fried one red onion and together with gree olives put it on top of the ready pizza toasts.
Delicious! And a fantastic start to a morning!


Anonymous Ivonne said...

You're back!

Dreska, I've been thinking of you often and I'm glad to see that you're back posting. We've missed you! I like the new banner on your blog!

2:53 am  
Blogger rowena said...

OMG! I was trolling the web for a subject that now-I-can't-remember and look who I see posting again?! I thought you had just given up on blogging. I hope to see some upcoming posts in my newsfeed!

9:49 am  
Blogger Fruit Seasons said...

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9:19 pm  
Anonymous Mr Breakfast said...

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Keep posting!

10:31 pm  
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Sounds terrific!

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Anonymous Amy B. @ Foodista said...

It's a shame, seems like you stopped blogging again. Haha! :( Oh well, hope you'll be back in blogging world soon. Cheers, Amy from Australia

8:26 am  
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6:04 am  
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