Monday, May 29

Trips in Hungary and Austria

A walk over the bridge from Slovakian twin town 'Sturovo' to Hungarian town 'Esztergom', with 'mighty Danube' flowing underneath.

Up to the Basilica(cathedral)

Left wing



Mighty Danube - with boat trips from Budapest all the way to Vienna.

Hop-over - in Vienna(Belvedere) Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous Ivonne said...

Beautiful pictures! So happy to see you posting again!

8:00 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

Moved house and country.

10:50 pm  
Blogger jenjen said...

Wow the scenery is gorgeous.
Nice blog.

3:11 am  
Anonymous Christain said...

Wow how nice are those photos ... love to visit Europe when I retire.

2:58 pm  
Blogger Aimée said...

So beautiful..reminds me of my honeymoon in Budapest a few years ago.

3:35 am  
Anonymous racine car accident lawyer said...

Looks like a great place to visit. Enjoyed your blog.

10:01 pm  
Anonymous Chicago Auto Insurance said...

Looks like you had fun. Great photos and blog.

6:36 pm  

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