Saturday, February 4

Roasted Aubergine soup

It is still chilly out there. I am sitting in the car, waiting for my hubby who decided to take a sun-bed, certainly a good idea, but I have a better one - a bookshop!
Just enough time to look for something to warm my heart. Italian, hm, Casa Moro, definitely on my list, ...oh, look, everybody has been talking about the Falling Cloudberries, it looks a treat... Aah, SOUPS. Bingo! This is exactly what I had in mind for this weather. Little book, every recipe with a picture, a world collection of classic favourites and exotic flavours too. I am so happy, lalalala, eagerly holding up the book in front of the cashier. I pay (pure £5.99) - what a bargain, and run back to the car to catch a glimpse before my hubby jumps in. I slide the book under the seat as I promised no more books for a while... But I have only started! Building.. ! A library!

Roasted Aubergine soup
2 large aubergines (halved, drizzled with olive oil, baked until flesh is soft)
1 onion + 2 garlic cloves - sauteed on a small heat until soft.
Scoop out the aubergine flesh and add to the onion. Sautee a little to get the flavour in.
Add 2 pints of vegetable stock.
Process in a blender.
Decorate with creme fraishe with mint and a little cream and drizzle a swirl on top of the hot soup in a bowl.

I would like to add that this is my favourite at the moment. (with one drop of tabasco)


Anonymous Ivonne said...

Aren't books the very best comfort of all?

This soup sounds lovely and I think I will try it this week. I haved an aubergine in the refrigerator and I just made some creme fraiche today with some heavy cream and buttermilk. Thanks for the idea, Dreska!

By the way, the drawing is lovely!

4:35 am  
Blogger Betul said...

Lovely recipe.I can imagine the taste easily because we have similar soup in turkish cuisine.It has a smoky flavour because we grill whole aubergines with their skin on, then scoop out the flesh.It is a soup version of very famous sauce "Hunkar Begendi".

6:06 pm  
Blogger shelbalah said...

yummmm...this sounds lovely and heart warming just as you you blog. stop over and say hello !

10:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

had cut up the aubergine into pieces before i read the recipe- so put them in roasting dish with other ingredients & added ham also for a more substantial meal..... here goes!! :-)

8:14 pm  
Blogger mr.sound and mrs.sound said...

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5:23 am  
Blogger Salaminko said...


I became a fan of aubergines, so I found your receipe for soup which sounds so tasty!!! I will try to make one today!

1:33 pm  
Anonymous said...

So, I do not really think this will work.

7:21 pm  

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