Sunday, January 22

'Pate sucree' or 'pate sablee' and the easiest tart filling

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided it is a high time to give my full attention to traditional French art of pattiserie.
For that, I chose to follow The Roux Brothers on Pattiserie book which I found in the local library.

Although, it gives you a complete guide to pastry making, I am now a little sceptical about the 'up-to-date' -ness of the actual desserts. Because I wanted a book that would include classics like 'Lemon tart', 'Orange tart' or 'Apple Clafoutis' and hopefully, many other irresistable desserts to sit on my bookshelf, I went with the first one I found (1986).
I was hugely impressed with the technical side of the recipes. So I persuaded myself to devote my Sunday afternoon to baking. All excited, the decision fell on 'Hazelnut tart' (having 2 packets of hazelnuts in the cupboard).
I started to read the recipe with anticipation and find out what the tart filling was going to be. It only used eggs, cream, honey and 2tbsp of brown sugar. To a silly-billy - me, I could not think what that would give me in a baked form. Or let's just say, being short of time, I was NOT thinking!
Anyway. I started to make this beautiful pastry - 'pate sablee' which was very similar, almost identical to 'pate sucree'. Then, after comparing both in detail, I realized that 'pate sablee'(having ground almonds or hazelnuts) is finer, softer and harder to work with than 'pate sucree' (easier to roll and lay).
'Pate sablee' had a very delicate soft bite to it with a hint of lemon essence.

And now, raise the curtains for the tart filling!
Mix together - 4 eggs, 2 tbsp. of brown sugar, honey and 250ml of cream and pour into the half-baked pastry. After 15 minutes add the hazelnut halves and bake another 5 minutes.
E voila!
Custart tart with hazelnuts on top!

My dissapointment was evident. I don't think it was right as I did want to learn all about the classic tarts and this is one of them. However, I would have preferred something more, I don't know, to our modern tastes - something with a twist. So, maybe, I will just study this book, but purchase a more current one with 'tarts de resistance'.


Anonymous Ivonne said...


Another beautiful picture ... and the dessert sounds delicious! I must get my hands on a copy of that book!!!

3:51 am  

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