Wednesday, January 18

Croissants and french pattiserie

About a week ago, I was browsing through cookery books in the local library and I came across this phenomenal guide on traditional pattiserie by the Roux brothers. The book is slightly old (1986) but has all the techniques on how to make perfect croissants, brioches, tarts, creams and sauces, etc. I was always thinking how nice it would be to wake up at the weekend and bake some home-made croissants. I must be a little mad to get excited over things which involve quite a large amount of work, but my eyes lit up when I started to read 2 full pages of dough preparation, followed by 2 pages of pictures - on the recipe procedure. This is what I call a serious cookbook. It is not short of any hints and tips either, like for example, how to get a durable glaze for puff pastry dessert with icing sugar. I must admit, I have become a fan of the old school, together with their french vocab. It makes the whole process of baking and my status as an amateur chef more serious if you say you are making 'Feulletage minute'(quick puff pastry) or 'Creme Anglaise'(custard cream). It all sounds so elegant! Aaaaah! (sad, I know, but I can't help it).

So, this is how I starting my new adventure - on french quisine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dreska, have you made them yet? Although your illustration is prety enough to eat :) BTW, I didn't know that you've adopted a greyhound from shelter, that's what we'd like to do too, hopefully in the near future. You must tell me about it some time. keiko

4:22 am  
Anonymous Ivonne said...


Thanks for the tip ... I must look for this book as I am very interested in learning how to make French pastries.

Please post if you make anything in this book. I would love to see it!

7:40 am  
Blogger Andrea said...

I am going to make them this weekend. Already bought strong bread flour required.

Keiko, greyhounds are the best doggies I have ever had and met. They are very very affectionate. They like to be around people most of the day. We work from home, so it's easy. They must have something very soft to lie on as they have thin (smooth) hair. Our one has its own sofa which he loves and shares with us too, in front of tellie. I will get his pic from another PC which is broken now, so will take few days.

Ivonne, I will be making recipes from this book for sure and will post about them.

10:55 am  
Blogger howardbrinick6712 said...

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1:57 pm  
Anonymous Tania said...

It's my first time visiting your lovely blog. Your greyhound is adorable!

This book sounds like quite a little gem. Even though it's 20 years old, I'm sure the techniques for all those wonderful pastries are the tried-and-true ones that have been around forever. Enjoy baking from it! And I will enjoy reading about your pastry adventures.

11:16 pm  
Blogger aude said...

Hi Dreska, you really have to adore croissants to make them ! I'm far too lazy !!!

5:59 pm  

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