Wednesday, December 14

A Menu for Hope

'A Menu for Hope' campaign has been set up by one of our famous fellow food bloggers Pim who is running 'A Menu for Hope II' at the moment.
The food bloggers (and everybody really) are welcome to join and donate as little as $5
here at 'Firstgiving' fundraising web site. All the money collected (you can view the total as it rises) goes to Unicef to help victims of the earthquake in Northern India and Pakistan. Each $5 you give is worth a raffle ticket and you can win a fantastic prize out of a huge selection donated by lots of food bloggers which you can read and choose from here at Pim's site. After you give a donation remember to write a prize(s) of your choice in the comment section.

I am offering a prize too -
Jill Dupleix's Very Simple Food, a box of hand-made truffles(white, milk and dark - different flavours) and few little kitchen tool must-haves as a small surprise.

Saturday, December 10

Whiskey banana chocolate cake

I like reminiscing how I got to like baking cakes, how it all started with my mum being a great cook and a cake maker and with her famous 'little pink book' full of collected recipes. The strange thing was that we never used cookbooks, it was always recipes handed over form a person to person, here and there and we always baked the same ones, that we liked the best. You might think, didn't we get bored with them? And somehow, no, is the answer. I still love them. We made them for special occasions in the year. The very difficult and my mum's pride- 'Honey slices' (sounds so simple, but I never made it without my mum) - warm pastry made with lots of honey, rolled and then baked for a couple of minutes and quickly ran underneath with a knife to prevent sticking(you would never scrape it off if left to cool!), 5 sheets, filled with a light rum infused buttercream, jam on top layer and covered with dark chocolate. Absolute bliss! We would make these for Easter and X-mas, as it would take some time.
Now, as I live far away from my mum and don't have a huge kitchen, I had to look for other options and find a favourite cake (nothing can beat the Honey slices though) which my husband has recently announced as Whiskey banana chocolate cake, from the book he's got for me.
We thought it is just so moorish it has to be a classic. And of course, banana cakes are. But this is just a little further from a banana cake. It has hazelnuts, whiskey and dark chocolate inside to bring you that lovely warming taste out on your palate. Try for yourself and let me know what you think.

Oven - 180 degrees.
85g butter( margarine)
160 g sugar (it says 225g but I tried it with less and it is just super, otherwise it would be like a sticky cake)
Mix in a bowl with an electric mixer. 2 eggs
good splash of whiskey
Mix in the eggs, whiskey(still with electric mix.)
2 large ripe bananas(mashed with a fork)
115g dark chocolate(buttons if poss., I used Callebaut dark, strong)
Hand-mix in the bananas and chocolate.
Sift together:
175g flour
1/2tsp cream of tartar
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1tbsp cocoa
Add to the mixture and combine.
100g hazelnuts, chopped
Add the hazelnuts, fold in.

Bake in the preheated oven for about 30-45 min. until firm to touch.

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