Wednesday, December 14

A Menu for Hope

'A Menu for Hope' campaign has been set up by one of our famous fellow food bloggers Pim who is running 'A Menu for Hope II' at the moment.
The food bloggers (and everybody really) are welcome to join and donate as little as $5
here at 'Firstgiving' fundraising web site. All the money collected (you can view the total as it rises) goes to Unicef to help victims of the earthquake in Northern India and Pakistan. Each $5 you give is worth a raffle ticket and you can win a fantastic prize out of a huge selection donated by lots of food bloggers which you can read and choose from here at Pim's site. After you give a donation remember to write a prize(s) of your choice in the comment section.

I am offering a prize too -
Jill Dupleix's Very Simple Food, a box of hand-made truffles(white, milk and dark - different flavours) and few little kitchen tool must-haves as a small surprise.


Blogger farmgirl said...

Oooh. Your prize package sounds wonderful! : )

4:38 pm  
Anonymous teri said...

I am the lucky winner! So excited to receive your package. Please email me at Thanks!

6:11 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

The prize is on the way, let me know your address.

2:09 am  

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