Monday, November 21

Chocolate mad...

Hi everyone,
I have recently got this book for my birthday. My hubby noticed me in the bookshop browsing through it. First, I didn't quite think it's for me(I like nice pics, these are all done with a brown tint) but when I got it from my hubby as a present, I thought I will keep it for a while to see whether it has good things to offer. I was still not sure not having pics for every recipe.
But now!!! Oh, my ..It is absolutely fantastic! Every recipe you try is just so indescribably good and you find things from simple florentines to Sacher tortes and truffles, chocolate tempering in detail, etc. Wonderful!
So, it completely got me! Especially for the truffles and tempering. That's my every weekend entertainment.
I must post a delicious choc, whisky and banana cake.


Anonymous keiko said...

Dreska - I was wondering how you were doing, glad you're back :) The book sounds great, look forward to seeing your creations from it.

4:52 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

Thank you, Keiko. I was terribly busy putting my house up for sale, now it is just keeping it tidy and waiting to sell. Great, as I have time to cook too.

5:33 pm  
Anonymous johanna said...

hi dreska, just came across your blog and liked it very much! Especially the Gugelhupf which is a very traditional cake where I come from! I was also wondering whether you'd be interested in our UK foodblogger meetings - if so, I'll put you on the mailing list... and hopefully we'll meet soon!

2:06 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

Yes, that would be very nice. Thank you.

8:12 pm  

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