Friday, August 5

Sorbets in summer

Finally, I can enjoy the blogging world and delicious post of my fellow blogger again.

After a big push to finish the house renovations, we have put it up for sale. So now, I will be back in the kitchen making nice treats, feet up eating them and then writing them here.

I have a lot to catch up with, I can see.

As a start off, I decided to enter with sorbets.

I love them in summer as they are so refreshing, full of flavour and colour!

A quick recipe for you:
(from 'Delicious' magazine)

200g caster sugar
300ml water
300 ml strained fruit(lemon, orange, etc.)
3 tbsp vodka


Blogger Santos said...

welcome back!

4:52 pm  
Blogger Ana said...

Welcome back Dreska. We missed you! Looking forward to your posts again! Next time, please let us know that you that you will be away from posting. I was worried.

12:38 am  
Blogger Andrea said...

Thanks for the welcome and sorry I did not mention anything, I didn't expect for it to be sooo long.

8:43 am  
Anonymous Oliver said...

Indeed, good to see you "back in business" Dreska :)

I'm all for sorbets they're the best, especially when combined with tart fruits, e.g. like most berries.

ps: ..and good luck with your sale!

1:14 pm  
Blogger FoodNinja said...

Welcome Back Dreska

2:39 pm  

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