Monday, June 6

Heavenly coffee

Heavenly coffee Posted by Hello

Even though June for many people is a start of the hot summer season calling for ice-creams, ice-drinks, chilled gateaus and panna cottas, to me, good strong espresso brings that chilling summer feeling of lazy days, holidays and enjoying the sun.
Withing the last few years(coming on to 30!), I developed an icredible taste for coffee. I am lucky to share this with my hubbie too. We will try coffees from different regions and compare the tastes. It is incredible how they can differ - from smooth to lemony or very strong roast tastes.
Every Friday, we go for a soya cappuccino to Starbucks and they always have free samples on offer. So, we don't feel ashamed and take one.
After all, we did find our favourite and found several good excuses to buy few packs (one for us, another two as birthday presents which travelled back to Europe).

to be continued..


Blogger Ana said...

Welcome back Dreska. I missed reading your posts.

4:29 pm  
Blogger FoodNinja said...

me too... ya missed the last IMBB ... Thanks for you help with that..

8:26 am  
Anonymous keiko said...

I missed your drawings too :)

5:53 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

Thank you all for a warm welcome.
And also will try to do few more drawings where possible. :)

10:02 pm  
Anonymous Tarzile said...


What is a soya cappucino? I am more than curious!

1:26 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

Just a normal cappuccino but the milk used is not cow's milk but it is Soy milk(made of soya beans)- lactose free.

11:32 pm  

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