Sunday, June 12

English summer BBQ


I absolutely fell in love with BBQ since I have first tried it here in England. It feels like a special treat. Friends are invited, drinks are poured, music in the background and sun is shining- ideal Sunday afternoon. (in slovakia, we cook soups over an open fire in a hanging metal bowl or sausages, bread, onions on sticks - very simple).
Now, I will pause a little with that sun. The sun is a required pre-requisite to any British BBQ. As soon as it is out, we push our BBQ trollies out, baste the meat in a quick marinade, cut and prick the sausages and of course, light the brickets. Then, we enjoy the smoke and smell of the bbq and wait for the feast to be ready to eat.
But how about having 'a barbie' when it is just going to rain and finding a cozy spot under cover where we can sneak in and enjoy it no matter what the weather is like. Now that's what I call, BBQ fan. I must admit it is even more exciting, it's like you are doing something you are not supposed to do and it feels great!
As far as the ready products in the shops are concerned, I again and again like to make my own and from the scratch if possible.
So, the marinades(all made with olive oil)
- red wine, onion, honey and mint - with beef sirloin
- lime, thyme, honey, mustard - with chicken
- orange, thyme, brown sugar - with salmon

Unmissable BBQ food - Beef burgers(beef, egg, onion, herbs, salt, pepper, little flour for binding)
- sausages - bought
- potato salad Nicoise with 'creme fresh' (new potatoes, black olives, green beans, hard-boiled eggs, spring onions)
- chicken kebabs (with bell peppers, onions)
- garlic pitta breads (lighter version of garlic bread)
- chutneys and relishes
I am sure the list could go on, but these are my essentials for a quick outdoor lunch.

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Blogger Andante said...

dear dreska,

thanx a lot for your mail. I couldn´t reply to the mail cause it was just a "no reply" adress. aynway - glad that you like my site, especially my music. you are always welcome. best wishes to you and your family from germany (it´s still shitty cold out here ..)
wish you a wonderful day! joerg

8:06 am  
Anonymous rowena said...

Well glad to see you back! I was wondering for awhile if you just decided to take a break from blogging. Anyway, I love this post on BBQ and am looking forward to the italian version of it, grigliata. I've been to only a couple and for the most part, the main food is grilled meat. Not so much bbq sauces or even ketchup for that matter. Heheh. I'm planning on bringing a few dishes in true potluck style instead of showing up with the customary wine. Who knows, maybe they'll love potato salad and all the american style desserts!

9:51 am  
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