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Cookbook MEME

Cookbook MEME Posted by Hello

Have been tagged for the above Cookbook MEME (explained by Lyn at Les Culinaria)by Ana from Pumpkin Pie Bungalow.

I have been reading through few blogs and their owners' cookbook possessions and must say that I envy them. I would LOVE to own THOUSANDS of cookbooks. But unfortunately, the life has given me only a modest allowance - several cookbooks and 2 food magazine subscriptions. Most of my cookbooks I have recieved as presents as people knew how hooked I was (and still am) on cookbooks. I actually bought only about 4.
There are several things I am going to go mad with shopping on when we finish renovating our house and One of those things will be cookbooks. Can't wait!

Anyway, here are my answers:
1. Total number of (cook/food) books I’ve owned:
About 20.
2. Last (cook/food) book(s) I bought:
In fact, I have recieved it free via my 'Delicious' food magazine subscription. It is Jill Dupleix's 'Very simple food'. The one I bought myself before that - 'The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating' ( in my artistic period of rich fruit cakes, marzipan and royal icings ...)
3. Last (cook/food) book I read:
The above Jill Dupleix 'Very simple food'. - several interesting ideas, although I wouldn't say it is for me. I found it a bit, I don't know, possibly more suitable for people with less creativity, needing to spruce up their parties, quick suppers and desserts.
4. Five (cook) books that mean a lot to me:
Ok. Into this category I am adding cookbooks which in fact, represent different stages in my cooking life:
1/ my grandma's very, very old cake book with a bookcover covered with a sort of beige material and a nice old-fashioned cake picture print on top of it. I used to watch my grandma make cakes and read out the recipes for ther whilst she was making them. (when I was about 7-8)
2/a fantastic big picture cookbook with an alphabetical food terms encyclopedia on its page margins which I recieved as a present from my first au-pair family here in England. (I was 19)
3/ Chinese cooking - another book I have recieved as a presie from their neighbours. I was extremely surprised, shocked and excited about it. It was my first summer when I tried Indian and Chinese quisine and of course, loved it. Getting a book which told me how to make these delicious meals and to make them back in my country was great! (I was 19)
4/Breads; Muffins; Biscuits - by the Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks editor.(when I was 22)
5/Jamie Oliver's book - speeded up my cooking and traditional style. Moved my food preparation and ideas into more of an improvisation then following recipes.
Now, recipes are there more or less for inspiration. The rest is pure jazz.
5. Which 5 people would you most like to see fill this out in their blog?
Ok, this is going to be harder as there are many of you tagged already, but here we go:(if you are not tagged already too)
Aude at Epice et Compagnie
Rowena at Rubber Slippers in Italy
Marco at Superfuji


Blogger Ana said...

Beautiful Dreska! Isn't this fun? I love learning about other bloggers, specially the ones I care for the most. Thanks for answering the meme!

1:26 am  
Blogger FoodNinja said...

Wow.. I only have a few (under 5) Ya'll are swimming in tom-cookery :)

2:04 pm  
Blogger rowena said...

Ha! And I was going to tag you back! I figured that most everyone out there has been tagged too so I took the easy way out and left the 5th question open to anyone. Now I'm off to FINALLY try that recipe you posted for the linguine with creamy garlic fish sauce. This week I'll be whittling away at the collection again. :-)

9:43 am  
Blogger aude said...

hello Dreska,
I'll answer the questions as soon as possible on my blog. But I'm afraid the cookbooks I have won't interest you much because they are all in french....
Liebe Grüsse.

10:48 am  
Blogger Andrea said...

Ana- thank you for SUCH a compliment. hehe and yeah, I think it's great finding out more about our bloggers.
Templar - what's tom-cookery?
Rowena - Great! I hope you'll like it a lot.
Aude - i would still like to see what sort of cookbooks you take interest in. It's just interesting to see.

9:28 pm  
Anonymous rowena said...

Just stopping by to tell you that I tried your linguine and veggies with fish cream sauce for lunch and enjoyed it very much. I've never seen fish sauce used in that way and was pleasantly surprised!

As for the cookbook meme...I already knew it would be a breeze to answer although most likely not very informative to most. I think that my lack of even wanting to start a collection of books is due to the fact that my cooking style has changed ever since I moved here. Everything I read or hear puts the emphasis on simply using the freshest ingredients possible. In any case, with the plethora of food bloggers out there, I've always got something new to try! ;-)

12:21 pm  
Anonymous Marco said...

Hi Dreska, sorry for the "little" delay, I answered :-) and there are two books in English.
Ciao ciao,

10:16 pm  
Anonymous 'ka said...

hahaha... i thought i was the only person who love collecting cookbook. i don't cook that much anymore but i still love having cookbooks in my shelves... but i'll cook again soon then :D

10:18 pm  
Blogger FoodNinja said...

tom-cookery (tom foolery) Maybe it is a canadian term.. means swimming in Cooking ideas..

12:35 pm  

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