Monday, June 6

Bell peppers

bell peppers

So, I am finally back and with full steam too. I have been working like mad for a month in a bakery/supermarket next to my own business and have been missing the food blog world. I finished the bakery episode and am bringing this lovely recipe which I wanted to try for sooo long for a refreshing start.

The filling:
cooked rice
sauteed minced pork, mushrooms, red onion and
chopped peppers
fresh lemon thyme, parsley
salt, pepper

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Cut the top of the peppers off evenly as you will need them to cover the filled peppers when baking.
Discard the seeds and fill the peppers with the pork and rice filling, put the cut pepper cover back on and bake in the oven until the peppers are completely soft.


Anonymous keiko said...

such a sweet looking dish!

5:54 pm  
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