Sunday, May 15

Mozzarella, basil and tomato

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Whether you like it just on its own, on a piece of brushetta, in a salad or melted over your pasta, you will enjoy one of the most classic tastes of the italian kitchen.
I prefer it torn apart with hands, drizzled with virgin olive oil, scattered with roughly chopped fresh basil leaves and some cherry tomatoes (in fact, I think I prefer deep red tomatoes on the vine, but if you are too hungry, cherry tom. are quicker). Not to forget - salt and freshly ground black pepper on top.
I love it as a quick starter when I come back from long food shopping, taking bites in between unloading of the goodie bags.


Blogger Ana said...

Looks yummy Dreska. Is that fresh mozzarella or regular? We have here fresh mozzarella in brine, called Bocconcini and it is sooo goood!!

12:07 pm  
Blogger rowena said...

Oh yes! And especially the ones made from the milk of the water buffalo. I had no idea that there was a big difference in flavor until my husband just about gagged when I suggested that we buy the less expensive mozzarella made from cow milk.

Your idea to take little bites in between unloading the shopping bags is just perfect!

8:12 am  
Blogger Andrea said...

Ana - it is in brine. It is very soft and tears deliciously.
Rowena - I assume the less expensive is the harder mozzarella, not in brine, used for grating, did you mean that?

4:56 pm  
Blogger rowena said...

I don't know how the prices run where you're at, but there is a big difference between the ones called mozzarella di bufala and mozzarella di fior di latte. They are both soft and kept in brine. I noticed at the market that those made from water buffalo milk, regardless of the size, cost a lot more than those with regular milk. The harder ones, which are called hmmm...scamorza (I think) are typically the smoked variety. I hope I didn't cause too much confusion here! ;-)

2:58 pm  
Anonymous marco said...

Hi Dreska, if you like mozzarella why don't try mozzarella in carrozza (mozzarella in carriage)or smoked mozzarella with prosciutto crudo (cured ham)... i love scamorza too but i prefer smoked scamorza cooked on the grill or in a no-stick pan with something like mushroom, prosciutto, grilled vegetables...
ciao ciao,

5:11 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

thanks for your advice, rowena.
the mozzarella I buy is buffalo. the other one - scamorza, I did not know you call it that. I must look into this all. thanks for recipe ideas, marco.

9:24 pm  
Blogger milsabores said...

I love mozzarella, I also use buffalo here in Venezuela. Your salad looks great.

1:02 pm  
Anonymous Oliver said...

Hi Dreska!
Mmmmm delicious. We just had it last night, a perfect light dish for a hot summer night. Since we discovered a great Italian shop in the center of Munich that sells delicious aged balsamico, we can't have mozarella caprese without it...whenever you get a chance to try let me know what you think of it. :)

11:53 am  
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