Saturday, May 14

Linguine, creamy garlic fish sauce and cashews


Hello, hello.
Continuing on my 'Made in Italy' theme with this truly superb pasta dish! (I don't mean to promote my cooking here, but this came out really fantastically. Oops! I did it again.)

Linguine has been my favourite pasta for quite a while. I first tried it in an italian chain reastaurant 'Cafe Uno'. It's smooth and just feels nice compared to classic spaghetti. As it is usually served quite plainly in restaurants, I had to make my own version and not with the usual seafood either. This time, a vegetarian linguine full of texture, colour and tastes.

naked linguine

To achieve full contrasting tastes, I grilled all the vegetables (red, orange and green bell peppers, papardelle-cut zucchini, asparagus) and sauteed the mushrooms with garlic on butter for a minute, added parsley at the end and put to side.
Grill the peppers until the skin is completely black all over, then it is very easy to peel.
When you grill zucchini and asparagus, drizzle them with virgin olive oil and ground some black pepper on them.

linguine (cooked in a large pan with water and little olive oil )
6-7 large bell peppers(grilled and cut into strips)
2-3 zucchini (sliced as papardelle and grilled)
bunch of asparagus (grilled)
piece of butter
1-2 tbsp of fresh parsley (chopped)
musrooms (lots, depends how much you like them, :))
cashew nuts (scattered on top of the pasta whole)
Creamy fish garlic sauce:
250 ml cream (I use soya)
piece of butter
2 garlic cloves (processed with knife edge)
splash of fish sauce (nam pla)

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Anonymous superfuji said...

Fantastic!! I love linguine too, especially with clams!
Ciao ciao,

9:28 am  
Blogger rowena said...

Oh gosh! How am I going to keep up with you? I love cream, I love fish, I am NUTS for garlic!! This, I will have to add to my list for next week!

3:00 pm  
Blogger rowena said...

Oh, and I forgot, cashews are my second favorite nut with macadamias being at the top!

3:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:57 pm  
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