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Mandarine meat in puff pastry

Puff pastry turnover Posted by Hello

So, finally! I have a digi camera! Not expensive, just fine for everyday usage and all the necessities connected with blogging (like the macro feature).

At the moment, I am hooked a little on puff pastry. For those of you who are in favour of proper definitions I've found that puff pastry is ' a delicate French pastry with hundreds of layers of dough and butter. The French call it "pâte feuilletée." When baked, the butter creates steam which creates the "puff." It is used to create croissants, Napoleons, and allumettes. It's versatile, filling and it tastes fantastic. Don't we just love it? Well, of course - with so much butter!

Somewhere I learnt to make these pretty turnovers with puff pastry (I can't remember where or who taught me this trick). They are incredibly easy to make!!! 5 minutes - if you have a ready to roll puff pastry. Filling can be of your choice - usually minced meat, or other meat in a sauce. So, here we go: Roll the 500g puff pastry dough into a rectangular about 3 mm thick, so that you can cut 6 square shapes out of it. Cut it first lengthwise once in the middle and then the two strips into 3 squares. Then take each square and make 2 right angle cuts in 2 opposite corners of the square about 1 cm away from the edge. Make sure you have cut 2 right angle cuts and not cut out a whole square in the middle. The 2 cuts must not reach each other. Once you have that, lift one corner(where you have cut the right angle) and fold it over to the other side (stick it down to the dough with some water). Then take the other right angle and fold over the top of the first one and stick it down. You will get 2 flipper over corners. I really hope it can be understood, although I have doubts. It would need some pictures. I can send them via e-mail if anybody needs them.

Filling: minced turkey jiuce of 2 mandarines segments of 2 mandarines(or can of mandarines) garam masala spice hot red chilli spice (or fresh chillies) 1 carrot (grated) 1 big potatoe (grated) 1 slice of each red, yellow and green pepper 1 red onion 3 garlic cloves olive oil (or sunflower) Fry the onions, peppers, potatoes, carrot in a little oil. When a little softened, add garlic and garam masala spice and chilli. Add the minced turkey. Cover with a lid and cook until done. At the end add a juice of 2 fresh mandarines or 1 mandora and the segments. Take each puff pastry shell and scoop out the middle (leaving the bottom crust) and fill.


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