Friday, April 29

Made in Italy!

made in italy

Today, I came across this magazine(published for a Waitrose supermarket in England) and was quite impressed. It didn't only include all the offers but also had very good articles, recipes and reviews.
So I found this spot in the sun (can you see the shadows? -pointing out with excitement and happiness that it was sunny!) and sat down to read,

with few nibbles on the side.

So, I got so inspired that I decided to spend the month of May 'a la Italiano'. And what's more, I found a very nice Italian blog - where you can read genuine recipes by another food enthusiast.

Going back to the magazine, I studied upon the 'Flavours of the month' - being Cromer crab (see for a cooking method), lemons for enlightening taste to food in summer, wild rocket with its peppery bite, asparagus which is beatiful blanched or roasted, fresh butter melting on warm vegetables or used as a base for hollandaise sauce and finally pink radishes - so moorish when sliced and sprinkled with salt.

My first taste on the journey of the italian food will be homemade pasta! Not that I have never made it, in fact, I have been making pasta all my life, but not the italian way. I am sure I can learn a lot of new tricks and adding more flavour to pasta than what I was used to.

I am calling out for all the food bloggers who are interested, know some good italian recipes and could join in. Everybody is more than welcome! It would be fantastic to read all the contributions. Please, just post your recipes on your blogs anytime and drop me a line with your blog address.
Thanks! (looking forward to read your posts)


Blogger Ana said...

Well Dreska, count me in. There are some interesting Italian recipes I'm thinking about making, and I'll let you know everytime I cook Italian. Great idea!

11:16 pm  
Blogger rowena said...

Hi Dreska! Well this is great, because I like making pasta from scratch, especially stuff that I've never tasted before. Will let you know when I get something posted! Great idea.

12:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, with those easter basket cupcakes, is there any reason why you cant roll the dough out with a rolling pin? it sounds a little arduous the other way.

1:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ref:Easter baskets. It is a bit tricky to roll the dough as it will stick onto the roll pin or cling film. Maybe we could use grease-proof paper, never tried it though.
It is quick enough to roll a little ball in your hands and then push it into the shells. You would have to do it anyway after rolling the dough out, cutting out a circle and then pushing it in.
The thing is that my shells have these beautiful ridges like a scallop shell, so to get the final baskets look like the shells from the outside yo uhave to push it in well.

2:13 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

Sorry! I didn't mean to be anonymous.

2:14 pm  
Anonymous Tarzile said...

Made in Italy! And I missed that one! 10 years ago, we travelled to Italy. And it has been Love at first sight! Since that time, we cook Italian 2 or 3 times a week. Anytime, I will participate!


1:25 pm  
Blogger Thanks for you visit said...

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1:10 am  
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