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Hot chocolate

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Continuing on hot drinks or hot desserts (this time - one of those you don't know which group to list under).
I got inspired to write about this drink/dessert by my fellow blogger Ana has commented how she likes chocolate based drinks and that hasn't seen 'something like that ' in Canada.
So, here is another one!
About this one I know that they do a similar thing in Spain, called 'churros' where they dip these fried small sweet dough strips into this hot chocolate.
It is nearly like rich chocolate blamonge when it is just cooked and not set. It is thick and it beaufully slowly folds into a glass cup.
Then you can add few dark kirsch cherries ( in a liquor) on top (some will sink a little) and finish with a cream (from a spray can) .

To make this delicious hot choc, you can either buy chocolate blamonge (they usually come in 4 flavours in a packet in supermarkets) and follow the instructions and enjoy whilst hot. If you leave it to cool completely , it sets and then it becomes a delicious dessert.

If you can't get this, here is a home-made recipe:
cocoa powder
corn flour

Let's take about a pint of milk. In a separate cup, pour a little milk out of this pint and add 1 tbsp of cornflour, 3-4 tbsp of cocoa powder and 2 tbsp of sugar. Mix well until smooth.
Heat the pint of milk in a saucepan and add the cocoa mixture into it. Cook over a low heat until it starts to thicken ( at a boiling point). If it is getting too thick, add a more milk.
Pour into thick glass cups (you can warm them with pouring a little hot water into each and then getting rid of it before filling up with our hot choc.
Finish with some cherries and cream.


Blogger Ana said...

Can't wait for your next post. I want to try that recipe. The drawing looks soooo tempting!

5:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - ))

I have such admiration for people who cook delights such as these !

12:05 pm  

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