Thursday, April 21

Flowing with flavour

baconsarni Posted by Hello

First of all, I should say I love food blogs and blogging. Secondly, I have just got a part-time job(next to my other job) working in a bakery/convenience store, so I have even less time to write and post.
I keep looking at, reading, admiring, etc. other food blogs and getting frustrated over how much I would like to develop my site too. I just feel I am missing something! Is it the time, writing, a theme?
Oh, well, whatever it is, I'll keep posting and it might appear.
For the moment being, it is satisfying my creative 'flair' (hehe, ;)) from several sides (cooking, painting, chatting..) which is a good enough reason for me to continue.

So if you look above, you'll see my dinner. Flowing with flavour, it is my favourite - toasted garlic pitta bread, filled with bacon, basil leaves, apricot stilton cheese and BBQ sauce.
Ok, maybe it doesn't look quite like a sarni(short for 'sandwich') but painting can be like cooking. You add few new flavours/colours here and there and see the outcome.


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