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Cappuggiro coffee break

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So, I am back from my holidays (Slovakia) which I already miss for many reasons - beautiful weather, friends, my family, fantastic coffee shops and pattisseries (cukraren = sugar shops = cake shops)...
I even came back to England with a little sun tan on my face!

And as every holiday goes, I was seeing lots of people, sitting in the sunshine in the main square whilst kiddies were circling the statue of Saint Trinity, popping for a cake(or two) into sweet shops and finally sitting down for a delicious coffee in a trendy Lavazza coffee house.

Oh, and the choice of coffees was fantastic!
Amongst my favourite ones is 'Cappuggiro' and 'Moccachino'.
Cappuggiro has a thick dark chocolate syrup at the bottom of the tall glass, over which they pour hot milk and top it with an ice-cold thick sweet coffee-milk foam(beige colour).
Moccachino was served in these tiny hexagonal glass cups (tall as a finger) - chocolate syrupat the bottom, topped with shot of hot espresso and finished with beautifully folded sweet cream.(like an ice-cream in a cone).

Other coffees served were Irish coffee (with an Irish cream), Viennese coffee (long espresso with cream on top), Paspuccino (with caramel poured over the cream), etc.


Anonymous keiko said...

Hi Dreska - I'm glad you had a wonderful time back home. I have a Slovakian friend and always want to visit, it must be such a beautiful place... (I've been to Hungary, Czech and Poland) I love your drawing (and I love coffee)!

2:25 am  
Blogger Ana said...

Dreska - welcome back to blogland. That Cappuggiro sounds sinfully delicious. I've never seen something like it here in Canada. I'm envious, and I'm not a coffee lover, but I love chocolate-based drinks.

9:46 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

Thank you. Slovakia gets lots of food inspiration from Italy, so fortunately, we have some fantastic coffees and hot chocolates there. See above.

2:17 pm  
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