Sunday, February 6

Strudel (with juicy apple&poppyseed&cherry filling)

Attention those who like a challenge!
This is one of those grandma recipes that are nowadays nearly forgotten. A strudel dough that needs pulling out to a paper-thin layer, then filled with your favourite filling(only half way), rolled and baked.

500 g flour(plain) + sweet warm milk = thin dough mixture.
Add 20 g of butter, 1 egg, pinch of salt.
Work the dough on a worktop so long until it stretches well but does not tear.
Make a loaf out of it and wrap it in a teatowel(sprinkled inside generously with flour, so that the dough doesn't stick). Put this parcel under a duvet cover in bed and leave to rest there for an hour.
Put a table cloth on the table and sprinkle generously with flour.
Unwrap the dough and put it in the middle of the table cloth on the table.
Flour the roller pin and roll the dough as thin as possible.
Then, flour your hands and very carefully start pulling the dough with your hands, fingers and elbows into a nearly transparent thin layer.

Once it is streched over the whole table, cut off the thicker corners.

Heat more butter and brush over the whole dough layer.
Sprinkle with breadcrumbs(fresh or dry).
Spread the filling over one half of the layer. Then, take two corners of the tablecloth from the side where the filling is, and start rolling the dough carefully off the table cloth(or with the help of the table cloth). If the strudel is too long , you can shape it into your tray, or cut it to few pieces. Brush with some butter and bake in the oven slowly.

Poppyseed & cherry filling:
100 g sugar(white or brown)
200 g poppyseeds
Mix these 2 ingredients in a food processor with a blade.
In a mixing bowl: poppyseed mixture + 100 ml very warm milk + 1 tbsp honey + 2-3 crushed cloves.
Add: drained black cheery compote(preserve)
Add: grated apple mixture filling

Grated apple filling :
grated apples(same amount or less as the poppyseed mixture)
cinnamon + sugar
Cook(sweat) these ingredients in a saucepan with a small lump of butter until they are juicy. Add little water if necessary. Drain and use as a filling.

Quark (Tvaroh,Turo) filling:
egg whites
sugar (to your taste)
zest of 1 lemon
Mix all ingredients and leave to stand for 1/2 hour for rasins to soften. Then it is ready to use as a filling.


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thanks for the precious recipe. I'm going to try this very soon.
And nice blog, by the way. I love the colours.

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