Monday, February 7

Puy Lentils with caramelized veg & apricots

I keep reading these fantastic food blogs on the web and am thinking whether there is need for another one (i.e. my one!).
Most of them are excellent writers who combined two passions in their life (writing and cooking), so where do I stand?(I am thinking to myself)
I love cooking, but can't say that I am an excellent writer or that writing is my passion.
I'd rather call it - urge to let other people know about my little inventions and share theirs.
Hope that this will be enough to keep this food blog going.Even if it should only become my online 'Favourite recipes' index.

So here's one of my little fancies of today:

Puy Lentils with caramelized veg & apricots
(served on top of slimline turkey burgers)

4 tbsp puy lentils
2 bay leaves
2 cardamom pods(optional)
2 carrots(cut into circles)
2 garlic cloves(whole)
1 tsp thyme
1 pint of water
Boil these ingredients in the pint of water until soft. Drain, take out cardamom pods, garlic and bay leaves.

Rinse the saucepan, heat and caramelize:
a lump of butter
2 tbsp of chopped onion
2 tbsp of honey
6 dried apricots(soften in advance in boiling water)

Add the puy lentils + 1 tbsp of white wine vinegar(or balsamic vinegar for more rich taste).

Turkey burgers:
250 g of minced turkey breasts
2 eggs
salt, pepper, mixed herbs
splash of worcester sauce
splash of red tabasco sauce

Mix all the ingredients, add 2tbsp of flour to bind the mixture.
Heat a nonstick pan, pat round burger shapes out of the mixture and fry from both sides.
The burgers will nicely fry in its own juice.


Blogger aude said...

I keep asking myself the same questions... but as long as you have fun, keep writing.

12:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know who you are' little fancies', but we were searching for crystallised violets and found your blog and recipes wonderful many thanks Sue and fran

6:58 pm  
Anonymous said...

I think everybody should glance at this.

6:51 pm  

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