Sunday, February 6

Little Fancies

Welcome to Little Fancies!
I created this blog for all who enjoy fantastic recipes and want to share their passion for food...
I hope your time here will be as colourful as this paragraph and that you will find recipes that will tantalize your taste buds.

And as every chef(want-to-be), food writer or other 'I-am-feeling-popular' person, I cannot leave out how I came across the love of my life(next to few others...) - cooking:
It all started with that first trip to England(as an au-pair) with the best intentions to broaden my knowledge of the English nation, culture and lifestyle.
Being an au-pair, I already possessed qualities like being able to prepare food and cook. And since my landlady was trained as a chef, I was sorrounded by cookery books of all kinds. To avoid the temptations of different quisines, you would have to be on a strict macrobiotic diet which I wasn't, so I bunjee-jumped into the world of cooking and haven't stopped ever since.

Just on the margin:
I've had one of the most memorable and influencing experiences of my life here in England, working alogside a highly experienced chef-friend (who promised to contribute with some recipes and maybe even an interview).


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